Aloha Music Lessons

Whether you are a beginner that needs to learn chords, strumming and solos or a seasoned veteran that wants to take your playing to another level, I can teach you how to play guitar or bass. I've taught dozens of students for over a decade and written a book called Improvising Made Easy For Guitar, Bass and Ukulele. I will print you a copy at your first lesson and it'll show you how to easily solo in any major or minor key.

I like a wide variety of music and the students that I teach enjoy rock, alternative, reggae, classic rock, country, soft rock, 80s, 90s, grunge, electronic and other types of music. I can teach you whatever you want to learn. Whether your goal is to play songs by yourself or you play in a band I will teach you a lot in an hour. I'll also write everything down, so you have a record of it.

My lessons include ear training exercises and matching tones, so you can understand which notes you hear. I can teach you how to restring and tune your instrument and detect any issues it may have too.

At your first lesson I will assess your skill level and you can tell me your goals, so I can propose a plan that will make sure you reach them. Every student of mine that practices improves very quickly.

Guitar lessons cost $50 an hour. I will only consider 30 or 45 minute lessons for small children. Cash is preferred. No personal checks. A receipt will be provided. CashApp or PayPal (plus 5% fee) is fine.

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